Every organisation should have a goal to expand and grow their brand. If you’re in the process of developing a potential growth strategy or considering one for your brand, you might be familiar with some of the concepts and terminology used in this post. If, however you are completely new to these concepts or strategies, but understand the importance thereof, then I hope this post equips you with further insight which enables you to implement an effective strategy for your brand. Some of the available growth strategies that we will discuss include extension, co-branding, multi-brands and endorsement strategies. Before an organisation considers any of the above mentioned strategies, they need Read more
Branding has evolved from being a mark of ownership to an experience, both online and offline. This has changed the way consumers view and engage with brands and has led to an age where brands have to take more accountability for their actions and be more transparent in their communications. In this blog post I will be focusing on South Africa’s largest branded food service franchiser, Famous Brands. I will discuss how their portfolio of brands are managed or can be managed, and look at the factors that impact the performance and perception of their corporate and product brands. WHAT IMPACTS A BRAND’S REPUTATION? With the vast selection of social Read more
I quite often come across business owners who think their brand must be on every social media platform available to have an impact on their target customers or industry. The truth is that if brands don’t know who their target audience is, it doesn't matter what they post on social media, their messages won’t serve them well and might end up damaging their brand’s identity instead of building it. This said, there’s nothing wrong with aiming to appeal to a vast audience across a multitude of social media platforms, as long as there is an integrated marketing communication strategy in place. Image via TeroVesalainen under CCO 1.0 WHAT IS IMC Read more
Everywhere we look today brands are constantly trying to grab our attention. Some carry on like nagging four year olds while others engage & deliver. What makes these two interactions so different? Why do some brands build trust & loyalty while others break it down? What can we learn from brands that truly value customer interaction?. This post looks at various contact points or touchpoints that influence customer perception about a brand and why its important to refine these points of contact. THE CONTACT PLANNING PROCESS According to Klopper and North (2011:155), a point of contact is any moment at which the brand performs or expresses itself and influences what Read more
An ice cream brand that is well-known for its premium quality and who continues to deliver exceptional products has to be Magnum, but this perception did not happen overnight either. For any brand to maintain a good standing reputation in the mind of the consumer, a lot of focus and consistency is required. Magnum is just one brand that truly understands the importance, differentiation and positioning plays when competing in a saturated market. Let’s take a deeper look at how Magnum has applied these two principles to their own strategy and why they are of utmost importance when building a brand. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DIFFERENTIATION AND POSITIONING According to the Read more
Quite recently we have seen the re-launch of the new visual identity and marketing campaign of Absa Group Ltd. For most this rebrand came at a perfect time while others question the authenticity thereof.  Before I cast my vote I’d like to explore their new verbal and visual language, see what components make up their new brand identity system and why they have chosen to spend copious amounts of time developing this new identity. With the introduction of Absa’s new found identity I can’t help but feel like it’s their way of celebrating their return to their African roots. I realize that they’ve never lost them but I do feel Read more