Create brand authenticity.

How a single brand promise can shape an entire identity.

The brief in itself was solid, our customer needed a professional website that would generate more leads and increase their online footprint. The elements received, however, contained a basic product fact sheet, a limited visual identity and the company logo.

These elements in themselves weren’t enough to build a credible online brand for our client. We required a much deeper understanding of their businesses, find out who they are and why they chose to exist before we could publish their story to the world. Find out how we turned this brand into a powerhouse.

How a brand identity can translate across audiences.

Maternity leave sometimes inspires moms to reimagine their career path. This was the case with this customer – during her maternity, she saw an opportunity to create comfortable, mini-sized beanbags for babies & toddlers. Starting out she had a rough idea of who her target audience would be and what her products will look like. All that was lefts was to develop a suitable brand identity for her company.

Soon after moving her first few products, she was presented with an opportunity to design a similar product for domestic animals. This design sold more products than the original concept which left her questioning the relevance of her current brand identity. Find out how we responded to this and how this challenge was solved.


The benefit of reimagining your brand.

Most companies realise that customers are spending more time online searching for products or services they need. This realization created a need for companies to take their businesses online through websites and social media. Developing a website is only part of the success of being more noticeable online, there are in fact quite a few things to consider before taking your business online.

Like most organisations, our client also realized their need to increase their online identity with the aim of generating more leads or sales through their site. What we discovered was that a competitor with was marketing their businesses online under the same name with similar branding. The concern was that this would create confusion amongst their customers and negatively impact the quality of leads they’d receive. This called for a brand refresh and this is how we helped our customer rise above the rest.

How a strong brand can contribute toward a positive culture and vice versa.

Working with a large corporate brand like Massmart certain protocols had to be adhered to, some of which would include a set of defined brand guidelines and maintaining a coherent brand voice.

When the project, they required our services for, landed on our desks it outlined that their training rooms needed more personality, each designed in such a way that their names & themes were clearly illustrated, and lastly everything had to tie back to the corporate brand. Overall a very straightforward brief, however, their corporate colours (light grey & soft blue) did not leave much room for creativity or personality, up until our first brainstorming session where we discovered that this their personality and brand was strong enough to be carried out without the use of excessive colours. Find out how we transformed their training rooms using a basic colour palette and their company logo.


Focusing inward delivers greater external results.

“Your brand is what people say about you when you are no longer in the room.” This quote from Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos is a good foundation to use when creating internal brand cohesion. Over the years we have discovered that customers are becoming more conscious of their purchasing decisions and loyalty towards brands.

Creating customer loyalty is important to growing a successful business and getting your staff aligned with your business objectives and values play a vital role in the equation. Internal marketing enables businesses to build up company ethos and create environments that cultivate success both internally and externally. Find out how we helped our client reach their internal objectives.

From logo design to web development, helping our customers brand smarter.

Starting a new business can be daunting not mentioning building it up to be a reputable one at that. This is where developing a brand identity, that can grow with your businesses, is essential to reaching your goal. Building trust with potential customers and being perceived as a worthy competitor in your industry, even when you’ve just started out, depends on how effectively your business is communicates and presents itself.

We build smart brands for our clients, helping them unlock their brands future potential before delving into the development of their brand’s identity. Once we have a good understanding of what, where and how the business aims to grow we proceed to create all other elements. See how we helped our client create their brand.