Customer logo - Alton Framing


When our client approached us to develop a website for them, we were eager to help. Through a little bit of research, we soon discovered that they were still operating under the terminated franchise name and so was their Cape Town branch. It appeared that both owners continued marketing their businesses on their own and neglected to consider the future of the franchise. The concern was that these two owners were marketing their businesses under the same name and with conflicting identities. It also became evident that the one brand had a much stronger online presence than the other.

For our client, it was necessary to undergo the discovery phase as this avoided unwanted costs and confusion around their brand and gave them the opportunity to establish a stronger brand. We decided to use their registered name "Alton Quality Framers" as we set out to develop their new brand.

Brand & Marketing strategies


To some extent, we had a clean slate to work from which enabled us to make this family-owned framing business relevant in a digital era too. We used this to our advantage to developed a strategy on how to move the brand forward in a digital era, increasing awareness around the beauty and purpose of framing and how to cut through the clutter online.
Brand identity
Web development


Reimagining our customer's brand helped them to differentiate from their competition and explore new opportunities in the digital world. Where most people's memories live on digital devices or somewhere on a cloud their aim was to draw the attention back to the beauty of their captured memories, emphasising the value thereof and the importance of having it framed.
Visual identity

In closing...

Building up a stronger brand identity both online and offline enables you to compete against the best in your industry and places you in the forefront when customers are considering which company to use.

Feedback from our customer was that one of their now long-standing customers simply chose them - out of 5 other suppliers - based on the professionalism of their online brand.