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Most brands realise the need for a stronger online presence but few consider a solid strategy to get them there. Developing a good strategy beforehand is key to becoming a noteworthy competitor in your industry. When our client approached us they presented us with a brief outline, a basic product fact sheet and their company logo. These elements weren't merely enough to help them build a stronger brand or a decent website for that matter. To ensure they are perceived as a worthy competitor in their industry we had to dig deeper into the brand. Focusing solely on the deliverables, without a solid strategy, makes it far more challenging to build a reputable brand or long-standing relationship with prospective stakeholders.

Therefore, prior to presenting our first drafts to our client - we needed to gain deeper insight into their business, understanding who they are and why they matter/exist. Once we gathered all the relevant information we were able to pull out the drawing boards and brainstorm a couple of ideas that would drive the brand forward.

With a limited online presence and a small footprint in the fencing industry, it was evident that they needed to get their brand online and on target asap. Going up against some of the biggest leaders in their industry we had to focus on the important things ie. developing a solid strategy, getting a professional website up and establish a strong, confident brand identity for them both online and off.
Brand & Marketing strategies
Brand identity
Once we had a clear understanding of who their competitors were and what they were doing online, we developed their online strategy for them. This resulted in creating a unique visual identity (closely associated with their brand), a refreshed logo, a clearly defined colour palette, communications strategy and a website.

Building up a stronger brand identity on-and off-line enabled them to compete against the best in their industry and serve as a viable candidate for customers to consider when securing their properties.

Web development
Visual identity

In closing...

Through our research, we had a deeper understanding of their brand and products. This inspired us to use their brand promise “Reliable, Strong, Secure” as the foundation upon which we developed all other brand elements ie. their new tagline “Our strength, is your reliability!; the visual language, the refreshed logo and brand colours.”

Knowing who you are as a brand and using it to your advantage is what sets you apart from the competition and elevates you to be a worthy competitor in your industry.