Customer logo - Bureau Veritas


A great way to get your brand and employees to align with business goals and objectives is to run an effective internal marketing campaign. When our client approached us they were just going through a major reshuffle in their organisation and needed to unite and maintain employee trust.

The brief outlined specific business objectives and goals that needed to be communicated across the organisation. The overarching message was "working together enables us to grow together".

Internal marketing campaign for Bureau Veritas
Logo design for internal marketing campaign - Bureau Veritas
With a set of objectives and a hand-drawn logo concept that was presented to us by our client, we set out to create and develop a campaign that would help them achieve their goals an realign employee engagement and loyalty towards the brand.
Brand & Marketing strategies
Inspired by the "working together, growing together" slogan, and considering the elements they will be branding. We designed a logo that would be legible from both sides. On the front, it read "work together" and on the opposite side it read "grow together".

The concept behind the internal campaign logo was to fuse the words "grow" and "work" together to form a single unified logo. This design certainly reinforced their message and highlighted that these two words were dependant on one another.

Visual identity
Poster design for internal marketing campaign - Bureau Veritas

In closing...

Employees need upliftment and encouragement every now and again and brands depend on 100% employee participation especially when it comes to growing the business. Everyone contributes to the success and if everyone in your organisation works together, you’ll see how quickly you’ll grow together.

Internal marketing has the potential to grow businesses and individuals.