Customer logo - Corrigated Packaging


Starting a new business can be daunting especially if you're attempting it on your own. When our client reached out to us, the only thing they knew they had was their passion to sell their product. Everything else had to be facilitated by a 3rd party.

Helping them register their business, setting up email accounts and domain hosting, building their brand identity and finally developing a professional website for them, we did it all. Generally, new businesses registration falls out our scope of services. However, in our consultation with our client, it was evident that they needed professional advice and guidance in making their dream a reality.

Corrigated Packaging logo design
Design and print of CGP's business cards
The corrugated cardboard industry is quite saturated and to differentiate our client from its competitors we had to take time understanding their industry and seeing what their competitors were doing.

The insight gathered enabled us to develop a unique logo identity, corporate colours and a professional website for them. With any startup, the budget can be quite tight and therefore might not leave much room for professional photography. In these instances, we revert to stock photography to convey their brand's story.

Brand & Marketing strategies
Brand identity
Even organisations with a limited budget are dependant on a positive industry perception to stay in business. Other than customer service, product quality and great work ethic this also involves the image of the brand online and offline. Setting aside a budget to develop a professional brand identity is not only a necessity but an investment.
Web development
Visual identity
Website design for CGP

In closing...

The ideal process to follow before establishing a new brand identity is to research your target audience, understand your industry and do a competitor analysis. Insight from these efforts will prepare you to develop a strong go to market strategy and guide the brand identity development phase.

However, simply developing a logo and a website does not mean you won’t be generating leads – the difference is that the one is more on target than the other and has a better ROI. If you value your brand start branding smart.