One of the most daunting periods during adolescents has to be between preschool and high school or even a little earlier perhaps. This is when boys & girls are discovering new things about their bodies and are becoming more self-aware about themselves making them more vulnerable. Through an activity based programme, focused on the development of healthy minds, bodies and souls our customer is able to offer support and guidance to these children, equipping them with the right skills to handle difficult changes or challenges.
Merging the customers idea of the brand with that of the target audience. Developing a brand identity that could easily communicate the transition phase of growing up, a brand that would appeal to both sexes and reflect the energy of the curriculum which these kids will be exposed to.
Heal the Gap - inspired from the London underground train station phrase "Mind the gap", a visual warning phrase issued to rail passengers to take caution while crossing the spatial gap between the train door and the station platform.

Swimming Strokes

Since the human body is only slightly less dense than water, water supports the weight of the body during swimming.