Our customer took ownership of an independently owned biltong shop and wanted to differentiate themselves from the traditional biltong franchises out there by introducing organic, gluten-free, raw and naturally sourced produce into their product mix without losing the loyalty of their existing customer base.
Extending their product range to attract a new target audience, the new brand identity had to be communicated in such a way that it appealed to both "traditional biltong lovers" and "organic enthusiasts". The website design and development introduced a new challenge whereby it had to showcase all product offerings in an easy to navigate UI with the aim of including an ecommerce section for future online purchases.
Building up a stronger brand identity both online and offline that enabled our customer to compete against the best in their industry and serve the need of their new and existing client base.

Swimming Strokes

Since the human body is only slightly less dense than water, water supports the weight of the body during swimming.