Customer logo - Little Beanbag co


"Mom's know best" is how the saying goes and with this particular client it couldn't be any truer. Reimagining the original beanbag concept to support and comfort her new born baby while mom's busy prepping for the day ahead. Her product quickly caught the attention of other moms and soon became a popular request, inspiring this range of custom made little beanbags, handcrafted to suit the style and color of the new parent's-to-be. To gain more traction on product awareness and sales she reached out to Ardú for assistance in creating a brand identity and some advertising material.
With only a couple of products already developed and no visual identity - the brand had to be developed from ground up and in such a way that it could withstand the test of time, should the customer wish to extend her range of little beanbags to cater for the animal lover's "babies" too.
Brand identity
The final brand identity was born from drawing inspiration from a couple of elements (a baby wrapped up; the fetal position and a beanbag). Working with the existing product shots sent through by the client in order to keep costs to a minimum, we apply all creative resources to pull together a professional looking brand identity and some marketing collateral.
Visual identity

In closing...

Their brand promise reads “Reliable, Strong, Secure”. These three words inspired the brand position as it stands today. From these three words, we created their tagline “Our strength, is your reliability!”  Through our research and careful understanding of the brand and its products, we discovered that these three words ring true to the quality of their product and their manufacturing facilities.

Knowing who you are as a brand and using this as your guide can give your business new direction.