Staff development is a big focus for the Massmart team, so much so that they acquired their own training facilities called the Massmart Corporate University. They approached us to come on board with them and help breathe new life and personality into this space.

They stipulated that they were looking for a creative concept that was a lot more fun and relaxed than their corporate brand, but it also needed to inspire and motivate their employees to stay true to the brand promise and made them proud to be associated with the brand.

Brand & Marketing strategies
They named each training room after a different city in South Africa. Their brief stipulated that they would love to see each room give an accurate and fun representation of its city. Working with a minimalistic colour palette we definitely had to dig deep for inspiration.

There were no brand guidelines to guide us through the proposal phase, only a logo and a basic colour palette. We did some research of our own, to get a better understanding of how the brand elements have been used before. This brought new insight into our brainstorming sessions and enabled us to conceptualise and propose a winning solution to our client. Breathing much-needed life and personality into their training rooms, now seemed like a possibility.

Brand & Marketing strategies
Brand identity
We ended up sourcing bits and pieces of their brand through annual reports/ coffee mugs and even web banners. These bits and pieces indicated that the brand made use of iconography to convey a story. Taking this into consideration we incorporated iconography in our proposal too and used it to illustrate concepts of South African tongue in cheek, city skylines and other elements unique to the Massmart brand.

Icons and company logos filled up every major city's skyline in South Africa accompanied with a freehand timeline, illustrating the life and value added in and through our cities, communities and organisations. This freehand illustration resembles the intricate part of an organisations mission and vision - it was designed to communicate Massmart's promise and how they aim to add value in people, life and organisations across Southern Africa.

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Visual identity

In closing...

Illustrating the past successes of the organisation in a fun and engaging way gave employees a greater understanding of the brand. This, in turn, made them feel apart of something greater than themselves and inspired them to add value wherever they go.

Finding creative ways to communicate your brand’s strengths and weaknesses to stakeholders, has the potential to unite people around a specific cause, promise or belief.