Purple Olive, a promotional marketing agency in Johannesburg, always coming up with new ideas to offer to their customers, approached Ardú to help them develop two new categories which they will add to their product portfolio: Monster Board games and Olive Delights (Handcrafted, custom made gifting solutions). Each of these categories had their own brand identity developed and had to include elements of the parent brand.
These two categories needed to reflect the main brand either through the same use of color, typography or similar logo elements. Each brand needed to be strong enough to function independently and in conjunction with the main brand.
For the Monster Board games the main identity's colors worked perfectly and allowed us to execute a range of fun and exciting - larger than life - board games. The Olive delight brand being more of an "artisan" type brand inspired a softer more hand-made color palate which was allowed our customer to colour code their product offering according to special.

Swimming Strokes

Since the human body is only slightly less dense than water, water supports the weight of the body during swimming.