With child obesity numbers rising rapidly our client set out to manufacture a healthier alternative soft drink with unique, great tasting flavours. With a few marketing attempts showing very little positive results and a drive to succeed, they turned to Ardú to assist them in refreshing their brand and repositioning it in the industry, giving their brand appeal to both types of consumers.
How do you introduce a healthier soft drink alternative into a market where customers perceive most soft drinks to be unhealthy? Challenging this perception by building a brand that appeals to both types of consumer lifestyles was a challenge we were eager to take on.
Establish core business values and objectives to guide the brand building process. Using original logo and brand elements as a base we needed to apply core business values to the new brand development. Refreshing the identity as a whole and applying this across all marketing channels and assets.

Swimming Strokes

Since the human body is only slightly less dense than water, water supports the weight of the body during swimming.